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Thi​​​​s Is What I Do

I help triathletes train smarter and race faster in the following ways


The World's Best triathlon podcast

That Triathlon Show isn't your typical triathlon podcast. It's focus is 100% on helping athletes train smarter and race faster by giving actionable tips and advice. 

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    World-class coaches, researchers and experts in endurance sports interviewees
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    Structured, practical, and focusing on your key takeaways and action steps
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    Evidence-based and critical
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    It's twice per week and it's free!
  • Bro-science
  • Race results and pro circuit stuff
  • Unnecessary fluff and two-hour episodes
That Triathlon Show - Podcast with Mikael Eriksson


Training Plans

I provide ready-made training plans that I believe are the best value-for-money plans put together so far (I know because I've bought so many of them myself). A few plans are available now, and more are added regularly. I also offer customised race plans tailored to your abilities, goals and constraints. 

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    Easy-to-follow plans for different athlete abilities, goals, and other constraints.
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    These plans are more than just training programs. They're fully-fledged guides full with tips, education, and additional information. 
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    Customised (from-scratch) plans tailored to your abilities, goals, and constraints also available 
  • Plans that will leave you hanging wondering what in the world you're really supposed to do
  • Random workouts thrown together to make a quick buck
Triathlon Training Plan - Scientific Triathlon


Coaching and consulting

If you really want to get the best out of yourself as an athlete, whether you're a beginner or semi-pro, and whether your 4 or 34 hours per week, you need a coach. I offer remote individual coaching only to a select number of athletes (15). I also offer bespoke consultations (remotely) on specific topics (like how to use running power meters) or as a feedback and advice session on your overall triathlon training.

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    I can help you train with structure, purpose, and the right progression. This will make you get faster, stay healthy, and enjoy the sport!
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    Personalized feedback (almost daily), mentoring and support for your abilities, goals, and life situation.
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    My approach is based on science, and precise planning, monitoring and analysis - but always with the practical aspect at the forefront.
  • Bro-science
  • My way or the highway
  • One-size-fits-all templated "individual" coaching
Ironman Triathlon training with coach Mikael Eriksson

A little more about myself

Who is this guy Mikael Eriksson?

I'm an endurance sports fanatic and science nerd. I'm a competitive triathlete myself, but my real gift is in coaching, and in educating others get the best out of themselves. Until August 2017 I worked as an engineer in medical devices in Helsinki, Finland. But a what-the-heck-moment and flight ticket later I was a full-time triathlon coach living in Lisbon, Portugal, living my passion and loving every second! 

I've helped thousands of triathletes train smarter and achieve their triathlon goals through the education I provide in my newsletter (sign up here) and podcast (check it out). I coach a significantly smaller number of athletes (fortunately), but that really is where I can make the biggest impact through my coaching approach which is practical, but still very much scientific and analytical. I do love the data and numbers, and I'm very good with it, if I may say so myself. Most of all though, my approach is driven by my passion and dedication for my athletes' success. 

Personally as a triathlete, I focus on sprint and Olympic distance races at the moment. I want to really see how fast I can become on those distances. I've checked the boxes for top-10 finishes at the Finnish national championships at both those  distances. The next goal is top-5, and after that, who knows? The sky is the limit!

Learn more about my coaching and consulting

If you're interested in having me as your coach or just getting one or a few one-off consultations bespoke to you and your needs, send me an email to learn more and see if it's a good fit.

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