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How effective training turned a chronically injured runner into a triathlete placing top-10 at nationals in 14 months


By Mikael Eriksson - Dweller of the North, Reader of too much research, Writer of too many words, Triathlete and Coach, Founder of Scientific Triathlon


What would it mean to you to if you could find a way to get fitter and become a faster triathlete?

If you’re like most triathletes your confidence, enjoyment of the sport, and motivation to train and race would go through the roof. That’s just what happens. It’s the most amazing positive feedback loop I know of.

Get fit, fast and motivated with effective triathlon training

What happens when you get fitter and faster! :D

But getting fitter and faster is not always easy. And even if you’re improving, at what cost?

Do you spend all waking hours training to make marginal improvements, sacrificing time spent with family and friends? Or do you cut all your expenses because your hard-earned cash goes to financing equipment and gear that will (?) make you faster?

My name is Mikael, and I’m the very ordinary guy behind Scientific Triathlon. I’m here to help you get fitter and faster in a smart way, without having to make those sacrifices.

You might be thinking that this is not for you. That it’s for those blessed with greater genetics than you, for those that are younger than you, for those with less time-consuming kids than you, or for those with much bigger, more audacious goals than you.

Let me assure you, becoming a reasonably fast triathlete does not require:

  • Doing a ridiculous amount of training

  • Great talent (haha, just ask the people watching my first feeble attempts at swimming!)

  • Spending huge amounts of money on the best equipment

I went from a chronically injured runner with absolutely no swim technique and very average cycling abilities to placing in the top-10 overall in both sprint distance and duathlon national championships within 16 months.

And best of all?

I gained all of these massive performance improvements without training for humongous amounts of time and without spending a lot of money (as a recent graduate working at a small startup company it wasn’t as if I had any money to spend even if I had wanted to).

For example…

  • Effective training helped me go from swimming the 750 m of a sprint triathlon in 17:45 to 10:50 in just a year. That’s 40% faster.

  • I improved my 30-minute time trial power-to-weight ratio from 3.3 W/kg to 4.1 W/kg in just 3 months (!) once I learned how to get the most bang for my buck on the bike. A 24% improvement.

And on the run side of things, I improved my time trial time-to-exhaustion at target Olympic-distance pace from just under 30 minutes to 38 minutes (incidentally this ended up being the time I ran in most of my Olympic distance races as well). Again, in just 3 months after restructuring my training. A 21% improvement.

Performance improvements after smart triathlon training

My swim, bike and run performance improvements (1 year for swimming, 3 months for cycling and running) using the Effective Triathlon Training Blueprint.

The bottom line:

Big performance improvements are totally achievable. And not just for the elites, the genetically gifted, or those loaded with money and nothing but time on their hands to train, train, and train.

With effective training, these kinds of improvements are possible even for completely ordinary people like you and I.

What is effective training?

Effective training is a constantly moving target, and varies from person to person. But there are some elements that stay the same for pretty much every triathlete. For example:

  • Training skills and doing more intense workouts (but doing it right!) has a high return on investment and low time demands

  • Doing the small things that will keep you injury-free and training consistently (think foam-rolling, stretching etc.) is extremely effective training

  • Improving the way you do things outside of training that affects fitness and performance, like recovery and nutrition, takes practically no extra time but can have a huge impact on your fitness. How’s that for effective training?

I explain all of these points and much more in detail in the Effective Triathlon Training Blueprint masterclass. Click the button below to sign up and get fitter and faster.

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