Achieve your triathlon goals with individual triathlon coaching or consultations

Remote ongoing individual coaching, one-off local sessions or consultations (in sunny Lisbon), and one-off or semi-regular remote consultations on various topics. 

These are the completely individualised services I provide to help you train smarter, race faster, and stay injury-free and highly motivated.

Eva - Käringsund Triathlon
Marika run training session
Philippe Dume - Triathlete coached by Mikael Eriksson, Scientific Triathlon


Individual coaching is a remote service, but I monitor your training daily on Training Peaks, we have unlimited contact on email, Facebook messenger or similar, and bi-weekly coaching calls. In other words, coaching is much more than just a training program. 

Once you sign up for coaching, you'll complete a form with questions on your background, past training and racing, goals and aspirations, and so on. We'll then jump on an on-boarding call to discuss all of this in even more detail. You'll get a Training Peaks account where I'll create your training program for two or three weeks at a time. You'll know exactly what to do and when by checking your program on your computer, mobile phone, or through simple email notifications of your workouts.

Your completed workouts will sync to Training Peaks through your Garmin, or whatever device you use. I review all your workouts as they are logged and can give you instant feedback if needed. Our communication channels are obviously always open if you have any questions. I don't believe in the BS that many coaching programs do with limiting the number of interactions an athlete can have with the coach in a given time. How is that personalized coaching??? (FWIW, writing training plans is not the same as coaching - that's just programming. Communicating with athletes - that's coaching!)

We'll have regular coaching calls (typically every other week) where we discuss your completed and upcoming training, your overall progress, and any topics that we need to cover and questions you may have.​

The framework I've described here is the one I recommend for most athletes when starting out with coaching. However, if you have specific requirements and wishes, just get in touch and we can discuss setting up a customized framework just for you.

Significant time improvements in races, and swim went from mediocre to good!

Before being coached by Mikael, my training was all at the same pace and I didn't see any progress. I also found it difficult to stay motivated. When Mikael started coaching me, my training plans transformed and I really started progressing. My Olympic distance times improved significantly, and my swim went from mediocre to good. If you're considering getting a coach, I highly recommend Mikael. He is a really dedicated and passionate coach, and will transform your training and triathlon progress.

Philippe DUME 45, France

Great benefits from the individual training program and the continuous communication.

The greatest benefits of being coached by Mikael were the individual training program and the continuous communication. Through getting an individual training plan I got great insight to training and what works well to improve performance. And it was really good to get feedback on my training sessions, like not going out too hard! Thank you for your help and support and interest in my training!

Sarah Firth 47, United Kingdom

I got consistent with my training and trained with purpose

The biggest thing that changed for me when starting being coached by Mikael was getting structure to my training program and getting more variety into my training. This allowed me to stay consistent with my training and train with purpose. If you have a goal and want to train with structure and purpose towards it, I highly recommend signing up for coaching with Mikael.

Hanna-Mari Hautamäki 29, Finland


This is what you get when you sign up for one-on-one coaching:

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    Completely personalized training plan
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    You get your plan in two to four week blocks, so your plan constantly adapts to your progress.
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    I monitor your training on a daily basis and give feedback, and advice as required. I'll change your training immediately if your training response indicates that a change is needed.
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    I tell you not just what to do, but why to do it. In other words, I teach you to become better at self-coaching (and maybe teach myself out of a job in the process...)
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    Coaching calls - this is where we really get to know each other and I can teach you the things that just a program can't convey. Training plans are just programming. Athlete-coach communication - that's coaching!
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    Unlimited contact and communication through email, Facebook, Training Peaks, phone and other channels


It's so much more than just getting a training plan


Improved performance AND LESS INJURIES

An individualized, structured training program adapted to your goals, abilities, and other obligations will make you improve faster. Reducing training load when necessary reduces injury risks so you can stay consistent and have more long-term success.



Increased motivation and enjoyment

As athlete and coach we are a team. Having a team-mate encourage you throughout your training, but also counting on you to pull through, greatly increases motivation to train and enjoyment of the sport.


Personalized feedback, mentoring and support

With me as a coach, you'll get all the feedback, support and advice you need. We will have an open two-way communication. I always listen to your feedback and value it highly. Feedback, mentoring, and support like this are key aspects of triathlon training you can't get with just a training program.


I only coach 15 athletes at a time. You will get more time invested in yourself as my athlete than with 95% of all coaches out there. In addition to this big time investment from myself, the  monthly coaching fee includes:

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    Personalized training plan
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    Daily attention, workout analysis, and reflection on your progression
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    Bi-weekly coaching call
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    Unlimited communication
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    Training Peaks Premium account

170monthly 6


If this sounds good so far,  you're kind of interested and think it's worth investigating further, then I suggest we jump on a Skype call (or similar) to see if coaching is a good fit for both of us. And I can also confirm if I have slots available, since I cap my number of athletes at 15. 


I also offer bespoke consultations (remotely or in person) both on specific topics or as general feedback and advice sessions on your overall triathlon training. Contact me and we can discuss what topic would be best for you. 

Some examples of specific topics that I have consulted on previously include how to use Running Power Meters for best effect in training, how to use Training Peaks (what to measure and monitor and what to ignore), WKO4, and of course, general triathlon training, strength training and nutrition consultations. 

The consultations can be either live as Skype calls (or equivalent) or email-based, so you send me your questions and/or training data and I answer the questions and potentially prepare a performance report for you. When the consultation topic is your overall training, you will generally give me temporary access to your Training Peaks data (or whatever platform you use) so I can really dive deep into your training. 


My consulting rate is 60€ per hour.


The best way to get started with a consultation is to email me and tell me what you think you need help with. I will assist in pinning down the scope of the consultation to whatever is best for you and your unique situation. 


I am a Finntriathlon level II coach. I have coached athletes since 2013, when I started coaching running, and marathoning in particular. Since then, and especially with my own switch from running to triathlon as an athlete, my interest has shifted to triathlon. I now coach primarily  triathletes, but with a few runners and swimrunners in the mix as well. I quit my job in medical engineering in August 2017 to take my triathlon coaching full time. 

My coaching approach is that every athlete has very individual needs, so I adapt my coaching to fit you as an individual. If I would describe my three most important traits as a coach it's committed, practical, scientific and data-driven.

I'm committed to your success, and spend a huge amount of time on every athlete I coach. I'm very practical in that I realise that you need to fit your training in around plenty of other obligations, and in that I think most training gains can be made with a rather simplistic approach to training. Many fancy-looking tactics and methods will only bring you marginal gains, but down-to-earth, practical training will give you all of your big wins.

I'm scientific in that I follow all new research constantly, but more importantly, I know how to importantly and when to bring out the old BS-filter. I'm data-driven in the way that I plan and analyze your training. That's why we're using Training Peaks, and for some athletes tools like WKO4, Best Bike Split, and so on.

A data-driven approach is a massive advantage for both beginners and advanced triathletes. With all the advances in science and technology, I believe triathletes and coaches not adopting a data-driven approach will soon be left behind.

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