How it works

If you have any specific topic (like training plan structure, workout execution, race planning, etc.) that you want to discuss around and get feedback and advice on, a consultation may be for you.

The consultation takes place as a video call, and you get a recording of the session after it's done. You choose the agenda, although we will of course help you and suggest what the most important things to focus on for you may be. A typical consultation lasts one hour, but we adjust this as needed. 

Some athletes on a tight budget find that having a monthly consultation session is one of the best alternatives for getting a coach. 

The hourly rate for a consultation with a Scientific Triathlon coach is 85€/h. For a consultation with coach Mikael Eriksson the rate is 100€/h.

Contact us to learn more and to schedule a consultation. 



Great advice, fast turnaround and customised key workouts

I got a lot of great advice in a short time during a consultation with Mikael. All based on his review of my training history and my upcoming goal, my first Ironman. He helped me figure out how to spend the last 5-6 weeks before the rest and how to taper. And gave me key workouts directly into my Training Peaks account during the consultation. I hit almost all of my goals and would definitely recommend the consultation services to others. Ten out of ten!

In a little more than one hour (some of it Mikael's offline review, most of it a Skype conversation) Magnus got the advice and direction needed to maximise the time left before his season's A-race, IRONMAN Kalmar. My consultation services are not just chit-chat. The entire session is recorded for the athlete's later reference, and the athlete also gets a written summary of the main points. In cases like Magnus', they might also get workouts or a draft training plan outline directly into Training Peaks.

Magnus Lundqvist - 53, Sweden

"Achieved my sub-5 goal for the 70.3 distance with a customised plan and consultations!"

I hired Mikael to create a customised training plan in multiple 8-12-week blocks with the end goal being finishing my first half distance race, and do it in under 5 hours. I also signed up for a few phone consultations throughout this period as support for the customised program.

The customised plan improved my training and its progression and periodisation. Mikael took my fitness level, goals, and time constraints into account and made it a truly individualised plan.

The consultations helped me execute the program even better and get answers to any questions I may have around training or training prioritisation, nutrition, race planning etc.

This approach was a great alternative for somebody who cannot commit to ongoing individual coaching. I achieved my goal and finished my half distance race in 4:54, and also set a new Olympic distance PB in the process. Great investment in my training that achieved the outcomes I wanted. I would highly recommend Mikael's customised training plans and consultation with him to others!

Olli Etelämäki - 50, Finland

8:25 at Ironman Italy and 6th overall

After my IRONMAN A-race didn't quite turn out as expected due to wrong run course markings, I was given the opportunity to start at another IRONMAN race six weeks later. Due to the fact that I’ve never done two IRONMAN races in one year, let alone less than two months, I contacted Mikael regarding a consultation.

The consultation was an interesting mixture of general food for thought that pushed me in some directions I wouldn’t have put more planning and effort into otherwise, but also very specific advice regarding useful workouts to fine-tune my performance and key points regarding finding the right balance between recovering from an IRONMAN and keeping the high-end performance.

As a self-coached athlete I can totally recommend the consultation with Mikael because he was very focused on my situation, could answer all my questions on the spot and has an incredible amount of knowledge both from science and coaching.

Norman Banick - 35, Austria

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