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Jack Hutchens


Jack has been involved in endurance sports as an athlete and coach for all of his adult life. Jack has a background in elite middle distance running, and also has extensive experience in surf life saving and swimming before getting into triathlon. He now races long-course triathlon professionally alongside coaching, and is on the British Triathlon World Class Programme as a guide for the PTVI category. Jack is based in Westward Ho in the southwest of the United Kingdom.

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As an athlete, Jack knows first-hand what it takes to progress from beginner triathlete to the professional ranks, and he is passionate about helping others reach their goals in triathlon. Jack has been influenced by a wide variety of coaches and practitioners across triathlon, swimming, athletics and surf lifesaving which has given him a broad range of skills and experience. He has been the Head Coach of a large swimming club where he experienced working with a wide range of athletes. He has coached elite athletes to national podiums but equally enjoys supporting and being a part of someone’s journey to their first triathlon.

Jack strives to optimise each athlete's performance by tailoring training to best suit their individual needs. He works hard to get to know each of his athletes and aims to positively impact them in both their sports and personal lives. He prioritises getting the basics right but values staying up to date with trends and latest evidence, and recognises that there is always more to learn as a coach.

Jack emphasises the ability to continuously analyse and adapt using data and good communication, recognising that every individual responds differently and requires a unique approach. Getting results requires hard work, but finding enjoyment within that hard work is essential to long term and sustainable progress.

  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Languages: English
  • Education: BSc (Hons) Paramedicine - Plymouth University
  • Coaching Certification: Swim England Level 3 and Open Water
  • Coaching Experience: Started coaching swimming and athletics in 2010. Triathlon coach since 2018.. Joined Scientific Triathlon in 2023.
  • Athletic Accomplishments:
    -PRO triathlon results (PTO rankings page)
    -Surf Lifesaving World Champion (2km beach run) 2016
    -Elite national standard middle distance runner
    -1st overall AG Mallorca 70.3 (qualified for pro-licence) 2022
    -1st overall Outlaw Half Nottingham 2022 
    -2nd Challenge Wales 2022 (PRO)
    -7th Ironman 70.3 Vichy (PRO)


Significant improvements in all three disciplines

Tal Lipshitz 26, Israel

Jack has helped me gain significant improvements in all three disciplines and in race times. He pays close attention to detail and is always available to answer questions or make adjustments based on how I'm feeling, my work schedule etc. I was previously training with an AI-based program, which is much cheaper, but proper adaptation to life events, injuries etc. was lacking. It was also very repetitive and did not feel specific to me. Now I feel that I have a program that is tailored to me, and great communication with my coach.

Flexibility and adaptability to my specific needs

Michael Rose 37, Melbourne, Australia

Jack’s coaching is excellent, he is very hands-on. The training is individualised to me and my strengths and limiters, and it is adapted to fit my life circumstances. The communication is timely and responsive and the coaching calls are great. I feel like Jack is a partner in problem-solving, and someone I have in my corner to work through challenges.

Progress beyond my expectations

Kieran 29, London, United Kingdom

Working with Jack as my coach has been well worth the investment. Jack keeps you accountable and provides the right amount of challenging workouts to keep you motivated and hungry for your goals. He has turned me from a relatively average athlete at the start of the year to a world championship qualifier all in the space of 6 months. The progress has been beyond my expectations!

Competence, communication and trust

Ivan 40, Switzerland

I've seen significant progress in all three disciplines since starting working with Jack a year ago. I don't have to think about my training but just do what Jack prescribes, and most importantly Jack gives me feedback that helps me avoid the pitfalls of doing too much too soon etc. In addition to Jack's obvious competence, the communication and trust we have make things work really well. Although the coaching is remote, Jack also asks for videos of me swimming, and this has helped me eliminate quite a few mistakes in my technique.

Jack's coaching in 3-5 words

Motivating, individualised, analytical, goal-driven, enjoyable

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Get To Know Jack

Where are you from and where do you live?

I am from North Devon which is in the southwest of the UK. I have lived away but am now back in the village of Westward Ho.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to start by taking my whippet for a run on the beach. Then I catch up with some of my athletes and their data over breakfast. Next, I might head out for another training session of either a swim or ride. I then leave the afternoons and early evenings for the bulk of the work that I have to do for the day, which is mostly planning training for my athletes, and having calls with them. If there’s enough time left in the day I like to finish it with a walk with my girlfriend.

What's your favourite workout?

I love being outside and especially playing in the ocean. So a favourite has to be an endurance open water swim in some glassy waters with some body surfing to finish. I also love combining training with socialising so a long ride in the sun with some friends and a cake stop has to be mentioned. In terms of intensity types, then I like tempo work, especially when it builds to threshold or faster, so a classic progression run starting at tempo with a fast finish always leaves me feeling accomplished.

What's your least favourite or most dreaded workout?

Gym work. For most athletes it has its place, however I prefer being outside. I find hill reps on the run or short, high-intensity intervals on the bike to be the most painful, but it’s always a good feeling when they’re done.

What (if anything) do you listen to when training?

As well as That Triathlon Show, other podcasts I will listen to are The Physical Performance Show, Costing The Earth or Pro Tri News. If I’m all caught up on podcasts then you may catch me relistening to the Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings audiobooks.

What's your favourite book, blog or resource related to triathlon or endurance sport?

Long before I started with Scientific Triathlon I have been using That Triathlon Show as a good resource. The show notes are an incredible way to get straight to the exact bit of information you are looking for. @YLMSportScience on social media also does a great job of making information easy to understand and consume. Recently I purchased Inigo Mujika’s updated ‘Endurance Training’ book which is a good resource.

From a motivational perspective, I loved Mark Beaumont’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days: My World Record Breaking Adventure’. When I’ve got a hard day of training and work ahead I just think back to what Mark did in this book and the barriers he faced, and my day never seems too bad.

What's your favourite food and beverage?

This isn’t very exotic but my favourite food has to be the chocolate and almond croissants from Gloucester Service Station on the M5, if you're passing by then I highly recommend stopping! Beverage-wise, although I don’t drink alcohol that often, a Plymouth Gin and tonic has to be my favourite.

What do you like to do when you're not coaching or training yourself?

I love spending time with my girlfriend and family, whether it be going out for a walk, a meal at a restaurant, or staying in and playing board games. Or if they’re not around and the conditions are good, I will try to go for a surf.

If you could have dinner with any three people dead or alive, who would it be?

Firstly, Kelly Slater. In my opinion, he is the greatest athlete of all time, he is both the youngest, oldest and most frequent world champion in his sport and I’d love to learn about his approach to performance and longevity. Next, Roger Bannister, I have seen many athletes try and fail to break personal barriers in sports, and he broke a barrier that people at the time, thought was impossible. I would love to hear about his mindset and story. Lastly, Barack Obama, I’d love to hear his story and he also seems to have a good sense of humour.

What's your educational background? 

I have a bachelor's degree (BSc Hons) in Paramedicine from Plymouth University (2015), where I learned about physiology from a medical perspective. I completed the Swim England Senior Coaches Course (Level 3) in 2020.

What's your sporting background? Do you still race actively? 

As a kid I played every sport I could, including, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, surf lifesaving, water polo, cycling, surfing and mountain biking. Middle-distance running became my main sport through my teenage years and whilst at university, where I competed at a national level. After graduating university I had more time to dedicate to sport and I focused on triathlon. I have raced professionally in long-course triathlon since 2022. More recently I have become a PTVI guide for British Triathlon, and am a reserve for the Paris Paralympics. It is a real honour to work with those incredible athletes. 

Who are your coaching role models or coaches you've learnt a lot from? 

My Dad would have to be my first coaching role model, he was a swimming coach and was the one who got me into coaching and taught me a lot. In my first few years, I learnt a lot from the philosophies of Ernest Maglischo and Steve Magness and both are still good resources for me. I did a training block in Noosa, Australia and swam under the programme of ‘JR’ (John Rodgers), he took me back to basics with an old-school approach which he hasn’t changed for much for 30+ years but still had Olympic medalists on his roster which was a nice reminder not to overcomplicate things. More recently, I can’t ignore what Olav Aleksander Bu and Dan Lorang have been doing and learn a lot from their approaches. I continue to gain knowledge from Mikael and the other experienced coaches on the team.

What types of athletes do you coach? 

I have coached athletes of all ages, abilities and distances and have no real preference when it comes to these factors. I find it very satisfying to help anyone to overcome hurdles to reach their goals, but I like to coach athletes who are motivated and help them have fun with it.

What do you expect from athletes you coach?  

I want athletes to be open with me so I can be sure to give the best coaching service for them. I am happy to help with any aspect around triathlon so I like athletes to always ask questions.

What should athletes expect of you? 

I always want what’s best for the athlete, sometimes something might not be my area, but I will always either direct an athlete to the best resource I have, or learn with them. I know what it takes to get results as an athlete, and I do everything I can to make sure my athletes know too.

What are your special interests or areas of expertise within coaching, training, physiology and sports science?

I have spent a lot of time helping athletes to change and optimise their swimming stroke for triathlon, and I think this is an often overlooked area. In general though, I find it interesting how much we don’t know about training and that there are so many different approaches and nuances getting similar results. So broadly speaking, I am interested in finding the right approach for each individual athlete.

I also find sports psychology fascinating, elite athletes listed psychological characteristics to be the most important factor in developing excellence, and I believe that people never give themselves enough time to reach their potential. I think that people often go too hard in training which results in premature burnout, and that with the right training load and mindset, over enough time, people can exceed their own expectations.

Describe your coaching in three to five words
  • Motivating
  • Individualised
  • Analytical
  • Goal-driven
  • Enjoyable

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Jack Hutchens - Scientific Triathlon Coach

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