Training Camp Mallorca 2023

CAMP DONE! News about the 2024 edition to follow.

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Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 4


This will be our second year of running a training camp in Mallorca, a true cycling paradise with fantastic roads, beautiful mountains, picturesque countryside and surrounded by the glorious Mediterranean. You will get to experience life as a full-time athlete for a week, which in addition to being a fun and exciting experience will give you a great boost of fitness on the road towards any races and season goals you have planned. You will be surrounded by likeminded people all sharing a love for endurance sports and the outdoors, and you will have a great opportunity to chat with and learn from a great team of experienced coaches. 


What: Our main Scientific Triathlon training camp. 7 nights at a great hotel with half board included, and 6 days of fantastic training in the training paradise that is northern Mallorca. Hosted by the Scientific Triathlon coaching team in collaboration with Next Level Camp (Frank and Kaisa Jakobsen) who provide local expertise and years of training camp experience, plus superb coaching knowledge.

When: 25 March to 1 April 2023. We will have a welcome meeting on the evening of the 25th, but there is no training on that day. You should save time to build your bike on the 25th so that you are ready to ride on the morning of the 26th. The 1st of April is the check-out day, so there is no training that day. Official training days of the camp are the 26th to the 31st of March (Sunday to Friday).

Where: PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa, Alcúdia, Mallorca, Spain (four-star hotel)

How to get there: Fly to Palma de Mallorca and take a taxi (about 45 minutes and 80€) to the hotel. We will help organise shared taxis for participants arriving on the 25th so costs can be shared.    

Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 7


What's included: 7 nights at a four-star hotel, including half board (excluding drinks), fantastic training, learning from experienced coaches (we love to chat with you during meals, long bike rides and any other opportunities we have), swim video analysis, great company and great fun!

-920€ per person (standard single room).
-785€ per person (in shared standard double room).
-1130€ per person (in single "Village Plus" upgraded accommodation)
-970€ per person (in shared double "Village Plus" upgraded accommodation)
-1080€ per person (in shared "Suite Plus" accommodation - no single room option for the suites)

Would you like to bring your partner or family? It is possible to bring your partner or family, even if they don't want to participate in the camp itself, but just enjoy a nice vacation on Mallorca. Contact us to discuss options and prices.


Bikes: We recommend bringing a road bike or renting a road bike (from the 26th to the 31st) for this camp. if you rent with Bimont Bike Hire, they will deliver your bike to the hotel on the afternoon/evening of the 25th so you can get it ready for our first ride on the 26th.

Training facilities: 25 m pool outdoor and indoor pools right at the hotel, fantastic riding (including both mountainous and flat/rolling terrain), open water swimming (possible at this time of year but normally not part of the official training program), gym, and bike shop and mechanic at the hotel premises.

Other facilities: Spa (90 minutes per day is included in the training camp fee), recreational pools, several restaurants and food and drink options.

Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 4


Ability levels: This camp is aimed at athletes of a fairly wide range of ability levels, and we will for example always have at least 3 different bike groups, and in swim workouts we will split the lanes according to ability level as well. That said, i order for you to really be able to benefit from and enjoy the camp the below can be seen as a list of minimum requirements:

-Swim 1000 metres/yards non-stop in a pool
-Run 10 km (6.2 miles) non-stop
-Bike 100 km (62 miles) non-stop
-Bike in mountainous terrain and be comfortable with climbing and descending

Preparatory training program: Participants will get a free two-month training program that they can use at home leading up to the camp that will make sure you have the fitness necessary for the camp. This is a ready-made program aimed for athletes who want to ensure they have at least the minimum fitness required. It is not relevant for athletes who know they will have no issues keeping up with the training during the camp.

Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 3


If you want to register for the camp, please fill out the form below (or you can open it in a new tab here). Note that filling out this form is not yet a binding commitment to register for the camp, nor does filling out this form guarantee that you will get a slot on the camp, as the number of slots are limited.

When you fill out the form, we will contact you and confirm your slot on the camp and send you the payment information. 

Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 2


You are registered for the camp only once you have completed your payment. Until the 30 November 2022 you can get a 100% refund if for whatever reason you need to cancel. Until the 31 December 2022, you can get a 50% refund and until the 31 January 2023 you can get a 25% refund. After that, no refunds will be issued.

In addition, the following refund policies apply. We will provide a full refund if:

-The camp is cancelled for any reason.
-The border to Spain is closed for your nationality or the country you travel from.
-You are forced to a quarantine for more than 48 hours upon arrival in Spain, or when you return home to your home destination.
-Your government places Spain in a travel category, that leaves you with no possibility to have travel insurance that covers you.

We do not provide a refund if:

-You are able to travel, but must provide a negative Covid-19 test or a proof of vaccination, and you decide you do not want to do this.
-Your flight company cancels or reschedules your flight.

Mallorca Scientific Triathlon Training Camp 1


If you have any questions, just email


I'll be coming back for many years!

Max Quirk 22, Australia

Amazing camp! Trained hard and met many new friends. An experience I'll be coming back to for many years!

Left the camp more confident

Anna West 30, Germany

Overall, I enjoyed the sessions and seminars and have left the camp more confident and ready to tackle full distance!

Very happy with the week

Anna-Kaisa Pietilainen 41, United Kingdom

I'm very happy with the week, the training volume and the quality that I got in. Also learned a few new things from the workshops and fellow triathletes, and got to meet a bunch of nice people and some serious athletes as well. Meeting such a diverse group of people sharing a passion for triathlon was actually one of the great positives of this camp.

Good organization, nice location, and splendid views

Arthur Blanc 32, France

Good organization, nice location with good food and facilities. Great climbs with splendid views, really appreciated that. The swim video analysis was a perfect addition as it always shows where to improve.

Wonderful week, great training and very well organised

Fiona Day 50, United Kingdom

The group rides and runs were well organised with coaches in each group. The workshops were excellent and the swim sessions were also very useful. There were plenty of rides with fantastic scenery. The hotel was absolutely ideal, in particular that we could store bikes in our room, and also the food which was the best and most suitable for me of any hotel I have been to. The 2 pools and the gym were also great.

Surpassed my expectations at every level

Camilo Buitrago-Hernández 44, Colombia

My use case (no cycling) was very particular and Scientific Triathlon accommodated things to fit it, which I totally appreciate. Because of this, I had the opportunity of having individual running and swimming sessions with James (and one swim with Lachie), whose feedback on my technique was priceless. The Pollentia Resort was a convenient bubble where all basic needs were covered and catered for the very specific needs of athletes. Buffets at the restaurants were glorious. Overall, the camp surpassed my expectations at every level.

Thanks for a great week of training!

Sindre Sørensen 50, Norway

This is my second time at the Scientific Triathlon Mallorca camp. A fantastic place for a spring training camp, Mallorca is one of the best places for cycling that I know. Perfect weather, scenic challenging rides and hotel with great training facilities. Again the camp was great; good swim-bike-run program, guided groups by ability and all around great group of people to train and socialize with.

Loved it!

Peter Gasser 36, Switzerland

Loved the camp and the whole experience in general! I got an intense training week, great information from the workshops, and always found the right ride or run group for my level. It was great to meet my coach and all the other coaches, as well as fellow triathletes of all levels from among the participants.

Good coaches, program and athletes

Justine Cordier Svendsen 44, Norway

The flexibility with respect to group level and individual ability was good, and so were the coaches, program and other athletes. The facilities were good, well located and with nice food.

I had so much fun!!!

Stefano Adriolo 31, Italy

The amount of training experience available was incredible. So many intriguing and fun sessions. Plus, I really enjoyed the detailed workshops and the QA session. On top of this, it was truly amazing to have all coaches readily available to answer questions and give feedback. The facilities were great and the hotel landscape is so relaxing. And all participants were so energetic and full of desire to share thoughts and personal experiences.

Supportive and motivating

Johan Fayet 24, France

It was very well organized from the beginning to the end of the camp. The possibility to choose a ride according to our fitness and/or fatigue level was welcome. Coaches were supportive and motivating. The atmosphere was friendly and happy thanks to the overall motivation and the wonderful environment in which we were living. The hotel was comfortable, well located for triathletes, and the food was absolutely great.

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