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That Triathlon Show is the number one triathlon podcast for interviews with the best coaches, scientists and experts in the world. Plus weekly Q&A episodes where you can get your triathlon questions answered. Tune in and subscribe for a new episode every single Monday and Thursday. 

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We currently only produce shownotes for the Monday episodes, which are typically long-form interviews and content. For the shorter Thursday episodes (Q&A Episodes) we do not produce dedicated shownotes, but you can listen to these episodes on any podcast player app and on the Q&A Episodes page.

June 20, 2024


May 30, 2024

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE:Dirk Friel, co-founder of

May 23, 2024


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Best Triathlon Podcast

Have been listening for over a year and digging back into old episodes as well. The quality of the information and guests is second to none. Every time I listen to an episode I know I’m getting a thoughtful summary of the topic. Have been so impressed that I decided to get coached by one of Mikael’s coaches, which is a testament to the quality I think That Triathlon Show provides.


My go-to podcast

This is my go to podcast or even education for developing my triathlon race time. I like the unbiased method of broadcasting endurance education as compare to other triathlon podcasts. Keep up the good work, I’m confident that this helps a lot of self coach athletes.


Best Triathlon podcast out there

Started listening to the podcast 3 months ago. While training to IM Cork. Great listen on the long runs or bike rides. Huge amount of information relating to all aspects of triathlon. Suitable from total beginners to the veterans of the sport. Everyone will find something interesting. Couldn’t recommend more. Addicted now!

Three of 300+ five star reviews (as of June 2020) for That Triathlon Show.

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