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5 Must-Listen-To Episodes

As determined by the completely unbiased podcasting gods...


3 Foundational Elements that will make you swim faster with Gerry Rodrigues

The second most downloaded episode on TTS of all time for good reason. Highly practical, and let's face it, we all need some help with our swimming. LISTEN TO IT HERE

3 foundational elements that will make you swim faster with Gerry Rodrigues


Race-day fueling and The Core Diet with Jesse Kropelnicki

The 5th most downloaded episode on TTS, and as great as Jesse is at cutting through the noise and dismissing all the bro science out there, you better believe this one is a must-listen! LISTEN TO IT HERE

Race-day fueling and The Core Diet with Jesse Kropelnicki


Brain training and psychobiology of performance with Samuele Marcora

The third most downloaded episode on TTS, and I was tempted to put it at the top of the list. We know the importance of psychology, but Samuele explains exactly why it is so important, and quantifies its effects. LISTEN TO IT HERE

Brain training and psychobiology of endurance sports with Samuele Marcora


Beginner triathlon training with Gale Bernhardt

Gale is a special coach., having had equally great success with both Olympians and complete beginners. We discuss how to train for your first races, training structure, and more. A must-listen for anyone new to the sport. LISTEN TO IT HERE


Masters Athletes: How to minimize performance decline for the aging athlete

One of my "epic-guide" style solo episodes. This is another episode that cuts through the noise and conjuncture, and goes into great depth on why we slow down as we age, and how to prevent it. LISTEN TO IT HERE

How to minimize the performance decline for aging triathletes

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Testimonials and reviews of That Triathlon Show

My goal is to get 200 5-star ratings for That Triathlon Show within the year of 2018. If you find value in the podcast, please help me reach my goal by leaving a rating and review on iTunes.

-Rocketjets007, Canada

My 45 minute commute through Northern Ontario (Canada) just got a whole lot better thank's to That Triathlon Show. The content, guests, delivery etc.. has fueled a fire that has been smouldering for years and inspired me to dive into the world of Triathlon as a participant. Fantastic show Mikael that I look forward to cuing up every morning. Thank You!

-Tri-Dragons Coaching, UK

The highlight of my listening week, currently probably the single greatest podcast resource for triathlete's of all levels. Incredible guests and a fantastic, approachable presenter with great ideas. Keep it up Mikael!

-Gspo13, UK

​Mikael asks the questions that no other podcasts seem to. He really gets to the specifics with his guests where other podcasters tend to avoid asking for such information. He has a healthy obsession for more knowledge and especially the knowledge that podcast listeners want to here about triathlon.

-AnduCo, Australia

I am consistently amazed with this podcast's level of depth, organisation and high interest factor. It really is head and shoulders above the rest of the market ( I listen to 4-5 other tri podcasts but their novelty has worn out in comparison). I would say that Mikael almost leads the way in terms of a new type of content template that other podcasts in other industries should emulate - it is short, punchy, efficiently predictable but incredibly well thought out. I don't know Mikael but I feel like I know him and how he interrogates topics after listening to each of his sessions at least twice.. I am likely to go through his top podcasts for a third listen.. Congrats Mikael for your efforts...

-Raccha75, US

​I started listening to this podcast a couple of months ago, and enjoyed it from the very first time. Each episode covers a different nuance of triathlon, including lots of training tips, nutrition advice, brain work.. Mikael provides scientific research results to back his statements, making this a very factual, relevant and overall interesting and stimulating listening experience. I highly recommend this podcast to anybody who wants to be an informed triathlete.

-10xAdam, UK

​My wife, suunto, polar, rovio, nokia, salmiakki, four sigmatic... and now 'that triathlon show' are some of my favorite exports from Finland. Mikael does a great podcast that balances leading scientific thinking with everyday and practical calls to action. It's now part of my routine.

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