Professional & Elite Athletes

Are you a professional or aspiring professional athlete looking for a coach to help you reach your full potential and make a career out of triathlon?

At Scientific Triathlon, we are all extremely passionate about high-performance sports, and in particular triathlon. If you are a highly motivated athlete looking to improve and reach your highest possible level in the sport, we would love to work with you and help you on that path. Please refer to our main Coaching-page for an overview of how our coaching works. 

In addition, when working with professional athletes we also help as much as we can with not just making you the best triathlete possible, but getting you the best career possible. This means that we can advice on things like sponsorships, race selection taking into account factors such as sponsorship opportunities, prize money, PTO rankings, qualifications for major events, and more. We also work with trusted partners in areas like aerodynamic testing, strength training, and more to come, that offer services for free or heavily discounted to our professional athletes only. 

We know that especially the early days of life as a professional triathlete are difficult (to put it bluntly), so we do offer negotiable rates on our coaching for athletes in this situation. Even down to a certain period of coaching for no cost can be possible. All of this is something we handle on a case by case basis, so get in touch and we can discuss what is possible to offer for you and your situation. 

Please contact us through the form below and we can set up a time to chat. We are also happy to connect you to other athletes we're working with so you can have reference calls if you want to. 

Why work with us? 

  • Very high-quality coaching, based on experience, science, and great communication and coach-athlete relationships.
  • Passion for performance and for winning. We want you to do well just as much as you do. 
  • We will help you not just with your triathlon performance, but navigating your professional career, from sponsorships to race selection.   
  • Access to selected partners that are world-class in their respective fields (e.g. aerodynamics, strength training) for heavily discounted rates or even for free.
  • Negotiable rates based on your situation and financial means, possibly even down to no cost for the coaching for a certain time period.

Contact Us to Discuss Coaching

If you are interested in discussing further and possibly set up a free, no-obligation discovery call, please send us a message and let's discuss!


We are building a network of trusted partners, all world-class in their domain, that our professional athletes can benefit from through special deals and even some amount of free services. This is a project currently in the works, and we will add more partners in the future as we find world class providers that can contribute to what we want to achieve. 

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SpeedEdge Performance - Aerodynamics

SpeedEdge Performance provides aerodynamic testing and related services and consultations. In this modern era of triathlon, being powerful on the bike is far from enough. If your aerodynamic performance is not up to scratch, you can easily be left behind even if you are the most powerful rider in the field. SpeedEdge Performance ensures that you can get full use of your power, by helping you become one of if not the most aerodynamically optimised rider in the field. 

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