Triathlon Strength Training

Many triathletes ignore strength training. This is a very bg mistake. Strength training for triathletes can improve performance and greatly reduce your injury risk. This page is a collection of my best strength training resources.

  • If you do nothing else, make sure you sign up for my free, triathlon-specific core training program below, and start doing one of the ~15-minute routines at least 2-3 times per week. That will put you ahead of 80% of all triathletes. 
  • I have several great podcast episodes on the topic. I highly recommend listening to all of them (scroll down to see them), but above all, listen to The Triathlete's Strength Training Formula | EP#81.  
Triathlon Strength Training

Triathlon Specific Core Strength

Get this FREE core strength program, including three different 15-minute routines, and you'll set yourself up for

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    Greatly reduced injury-risk
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    Better performance over any distance due to increased swim/bike/run economy
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    Better performance over long distances as you build stamina in the all-important core

Podcast Episodes And Blog Posts on Strength Training for Triathletes

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