Triathlon Strength Training

Many triathletes ignore strength training. This is a very bg mistake. Strength training for triathletes can improve performance and greatly reduce your injury risk. This page is a collection of my best strength training resources.

  • If you do nothing else, make sure you sign up for my free, triathlon-specific core training program below, and start doing one of the ~15-minute routines at least 2-3 times per week. That will put you ahead of 80% of all triathletes. 
  • I have several great podcast episodes on the topic. I highly recommend listening to all of them (scroll down to see them), but above all, listen to The Triathlete's Strength Training Formula | EP#81.
  • And in case you want a ready-to-go strength training program specifically designed for triathlon performance, I created it for you! This 19-week plan is effective and affordable, and has been tested and proven by hundreds of athletes, so I encourage you to check it out. 
Triathlon Strength Training

Implementation in a structured strength training plan

Do you want to get started with effective strength training and get the benefits discussed in this articles? The best way to do so is to purchase my 19-week plan that has now been used by hundreds of triathletes.  

Podcast Episodes And Blog Posts on Strength Training for Triathletes

Triathlon Specific Core Strength

Get this FREE core strength program, including three different 15-minute routines, and you'll set yourself up for

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    Greatly reduced injury-risk
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    Better performance over any distance due to increased swim/bike/run economy
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    Better performance over long distances as you build stamina in the all-important core

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