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Strategies and Hacks for the Time-crunched Triathlete | EP#10

 April 9, 2017

By  Mikael Eriksson

Strategies and Hacks for the Time-crunched Triathlete | EP#10

Finding time to train is hard when you have a job, a family, and other responsibilities.

But with the right strategy and smart hacks you can find yourself some extra time and make the most of the time you have. If you are a time-crunched triathlete, you need to listen to this episode.

In this Episode you'll learn about:

  • The big picture strategy you have to take when trying to fit in your training.
  • The single most important goal that determines how you'll manage your time and training.
  • The mistakes most time-crunched triathletes make.
  • 8 high-leverage time-management hacks to start using today.


​Big picture strategy

05:40 -​

  • How much training can you realistically do?​
  • You should not fit your life into your training, instead fit your training into your life.
  • Consistency is more valuable than having huge spikes in training during certain weeks.
  • Find something that you can consistently do week in and week out even if it means reduced training for you per week.
  • The amount of training you can absorb depends on your level of stress.
  • If you are really stressed out, that will eventually catch up with you.
  • Make the most out of your time.

Over scheduling

07:49 -

  • Poor scheduling will affect the correct execution of your training.​
  • Practice does not make perfect but PERFECT practice makes perfect.
  • You may get the hours in but the execution may not be correct.
  • Focus on doing high quality training.
  • Over scheduling will result in increased stress and lack of sleep which also leads to poor nutrition.

Hack #1 – Schedule your training​

10:31 -​

  • What gets scheduled, gets done.
  • Pinpoint the time slots in your calendar for your training, like you would with important appointments.
  • For example, on a Sunday night, take 5 minutes to sit down with your calendar and map out for the entire week what training sessions you will do in a specific time slot.

Hack #2 – Periodize effectively

11:35 -

  • You don’t need to train for an insane amount of hours.​
  • Don’t be afraid to train low volume at certain times, it will benefit you in the long run.

Hack #3 – Embrace indoor training

12:31 -​

  • Indoor training could save you time because there's no need to clean your bike and getting dressed as when you ride outside.​
  • An hour of indoor biking is roughly equivalent to an hour and a half of outdoor biking.
  • Indoor training allows you to do more effective training workouts in general.

Hack #4 – Use your commute​

15:23 -

  • If you can, find a way to bike or run to work.​
  • Get a running backpack and run to work or find a track near you and warm up there before continuing to work.
  • Get creative with your bike and run training.

Hack #5 – Get a coach

17:24 -

  • Getting a coach is one of the best investment that you can get.​
  • It helps you get more time to train rather than just spend time planning your training.
  • A coach is more objective than yourself and this helps you get better training.

Hack #6 – Batch cook your food

18:50 -​

  • Most of us spend 45 minutes a day cooking food so batch cooking will help you save some time.​
  • You can try cooking your meals for the week on a Sunday night so you can keep eating healthy meals despite your busy schedule.
  • Do not eat ready-made food that's highly processed just to save time.

Hack #7 – Something is better than nothing

21:00 -

  • If you have a session scheduled and can't get it all done, get at least something done, even if it's just 10 minutes.​
  • Every little training you do will help you overall.

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