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Training, racing, and metabolic testing with Val Burke | EP#290

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Training, racing, and metabolic testing with Val Burke | EP#290
Training Talk with Ben Day (Team BikeExchange) | EP#289
Physiology, coaching and aerodynamics with Jamie Pringle, PhD | EP#288
Bike fitting, equipment, and triathlon bike training with David Bowden | EP#287
Training, testing, metabolism and physiology with Björn Kafka | EP#286
Training talk with Blair Cartmell | EP#285
Training talk with Neil MacPherson | EP#284
The evolution of coaching principles and practices with David Tilbury-Davis | EP#283
Sports psychology and applied neuroscience with Simon Marshall, PhD and Lesley Paterson | EP#282
Predictors of performance in amateur triathletes with Paulo Puccinelli, MD PhD | EP#281
The menstrual cycle and oral contraception – impact on exercise performance with Kelly McNulty | EP#280
Training Talk with Helle Frederiksen | EP#279
Polarized versus Moderate intensity training: a controlled trial in triathletes with Dr. Golo Röhrken | EP#278
Training Talk and offroad triathlon with coach Lesley Paterson (multiple World Champion) | EP#277
Training Talk with coach Emma Carney (double ITU World Champion) | EP#276
Training methods of Ethiopian runners with Michael Crawley | EP#275
Balancing training load and recovery with coach Lachlan Kerin | EP#274
Training for sprint and Olympic distance triathlons with coach James Teagle | EP#273
Strength training intensity, specificity, workout structure, and home-based options with Dave Cripps | EP#272
Training Talk with Kolie Moore | EP#271
Blood Flow Restricted Training with Richard Ferguson, PhD | EP#270
Carbohydrate intake in racing – a case for going very high with Aitor Viribay Morales (Astana Pro Team) | EP#269
Training talk with Wolfram Bott | EP#268
Nutrition at the cycling World Tour level with Robert Gorgos (Bora-Hansgrohe nutritionist) | EP#267
Developing the future stars of triathlon with coach Joachim Willén | EP#266
Nutrition for endurance and ultra-endurance athletes with Trent Stellingwerff, PhD | EP#265
Applied triathlon science with Olav Aleksander Bu (Norwegian Triathlon Olympic team) | EP#264
Swim training talk with Ian Armiger | EP#263
Training, testing and physiology with coach/scientist Iñigo San Millán, PhD | EP#262
Indoor bike training with World Tour level coach Kevin Poulton | EP#261
Cycling Time Trialling with Marco Pinotti (Head of Performance of CCC Team ) | EP#260
Training talk with Sebastian Zeller | EP#259
Altitude training with prof. Grégoire Millet | EP#258
Critical Power and VO2 kinetics with Mark Burnley, PhD | EP#257
Tapering, periodisation and recovery with Iñigo Mujika, PhD | EP#256
Triathlon swimming with Conrad Goeringer and Rob Sleamaker | EP#255
Bike Fitting Q&A with Phil Burt | EP#254
Devices, apps, and technology for triathletes with Michael Liberzon, Andrew Buckrell and Mikael Eriksson | EP#253
Glycogen metabolism and optimising glycogen resynthesis with Bob Murray, PhD | EP#252
Training talk with cycling coach James Spragg | EP#251
How World Tour cyclists train, and a discussion on training load with Teun van Erp, PhD | EP#250
Blood tests and biomarkers for triathletes with Dr. Kush Joshi and Dr. Joel McCay | EP#249
Musculoskeletal adaptations, “train low” strategies, and muscle fiber types with prof. John Hawley | EP#248
Training Talk with coach Mark Pearce | EP#247
Open water swim training with Olympic gold medal coach Marcel Wouda | EP#246
Training talk with Eirik Myhr Nossum, national team coach of Norway’s cross-country skiing team | EP#245
An up to date scientific analysis of polarised training vs. threshold training with Michael Rosenblat | EP#244
What types of intervals are most effective? A scientific analysis with Michael Rosenblat | EP#243
Run training with Hugo van den Broek | EP#242
Running biomechanics, economy, and training load with Izzy Moore, PhD | EP#241
Training Talk with Scott DeFilippis and Carrie Lester | EP#240
The Skeptic’s Guide To Sports Science with Nicholas Tiller, PhD | EP#239
Physiology, Training, and INSCYD with Sebastian Weber (part 2) | EP#238
Physiology, Training, and INSCYD with Sebastian Weber (part 1) | EP#237
High carbohydrate, low carbohydrate, or periodised carbohydrate intake with Louise Burke, PhD | EP#236
Tire pressure, aerodynamics, and smart equipment upgrades with Josh Poertner | EP#235
Caffeine and Endurance Performance with Ajmol Ali, PhD | EP#234
RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports) with Margo Mountjoy | EP#233
Bike fitting with Phil Burt (former Team Sky) | EP#232
Frank Jakobsen – Performance, training and mindset | EP#231
Juli Benson – Olympian and elite running coach | EP#230
Dan Bigham – aerodynamic testing, equipment, and making your bike fast | EP#229
Functional Mental Toughness with Bradford Cooper, PhD | EP#228
Perspectives on coaching with David Tilbury-Davis | EP#227
Perspectives on training with David Tilbury-Davis | EP#226
Running form and training talk with Bobby McGee (USA Triathlon) | EP#225
Jono Hall – Head Coach of Triathlon Canada | EP#224
Arild Tveiten – coach of Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden and Casper Stornes on triathlon training the Norwegian way | EP#223
Faris al-Sultan – Ironman World Champion as an athlete and twice as a coach (Patrick Lange) | EP#222
Ryan Bolton – Olympian and coach of Ben Hoffman and Caroline Rotich | EP#221
Craig Kirkwood – Coach of Hayden Wilde and Sam Tanner | EP#220
Philipp Seipp – coach of Sebastian Kienle and Laura Philipp | EP#219
Race hydration, calories and sodium – a 2020 update with Andy Blow | EP#218
Dan Atkins – Head Coach of Triathlon Australia Performance Centre Gold Coast | EP#217
Sleep – the foundation of health and performance with Dr. Charles Samuels | EP#216
Volume, intensity and physiological adaptations with prof. David Bishop | EP#215
Best of 2019 on That Triathlon Show | EP#214
Triathlon Strength Training with Dave Cripps | EP#213
Training ideologies with James Teagle and Lachlan Kerin | EP#212
Training and periodisation for cyclists with Adam Pulford | EP#211
Altitude camps and racing at altitude with Andrew Simmons | EP#210
Injury prevention and rehabilitation with James Debenham, PhD | EP#209
Nutrition trends and current evidence with Danny Lennon | EP#208
Mindfulness, Mental Fatigue, and Brain Endurance Training with Walter Staiano, PhD | EP#207
Balancing family, work and triathlon training – Case studies | EP#206
Training talk with world-class cyclist Amber Neben and coach Tim Cusick | EP#205
Fatigue management with James Teagle and Lachlan Kerin | EP#204
Improve your running speed, endurance, and performance with Pete Magill | EP#203
Training for time-crunched athletes with Conrad Goeringer | EP#202
Base training: off-season do’s and dont’s with James Teagle and Lachlan Kerin | EP#201
Training talk with Mikael Eriksson and Menachem Broadie | EP#200
WKO5: Cycling and triathlon analytics with Tim Cusick | EP#199
Training structure, periodisation and the science of winning with Jan Olbrecht, PhD | EP#198
How wind and air resistance impacts running with Evan Schwartz of Stryd | EP#197
Training for Xterra and off-road triathlon with five-time world champion Melanie McQuaid | EP#196
Run training of Kipchoge, Farah and Rudisha with Matt Fox of Sweat Elite | EP#195
That Triathlon Show (flipping the mic) with Michael Liberzon, Andrew Buckrell and Mikael Eriksson | EP#194
Evidence-based supplements for triathletes and endurance athletes | EP#193
Scientific Triathlon coach Lachlan Kerin | EP#192
Hydration in endurance sports: a Q&A with Andy Blow | EP#191
Lactate and bioenergetics: quantifying and improving endurance performance with Shannon Grady | EP#190